Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission

The final installment of this three part series describes what employers should expect after an OSHA inspection as well as the employers’ rights.

1.  What happens after OSHA completes its inspection?

Unless your establishment is in full compliance with OSHA’s standards, you will receive a “Citation and Notification of Penalty” from OSHA.  Generally, OSHA has

A significant number of businesses are likely to find themselves face-to-face with an inspector from OSHA, and many will be caught off guard.  We recommend that businesses take a two-pronged approach to OSHA compliance.

First, make every effort to comply with OSHA’s safety and health rules to protect your employees.  Second, be prepared in the

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (“OSHA”) is responsible for enforcing health and safety standards in workplaces throughout the country. OSHA has promulgated standards covering both general industry and construction sites. The enforcement of these standards is fairly straightforward in the general industry sector. Typically, OSHA inspects the facility and if it finds a violation