I-9 compliance is extremely important these days and can cost your company greatly if you fail to comply with these basic recordkeeping requirements.  Read this article written by the Chair of the Employment Law Department of Cole Schotz, which recently appeared in the January 5, 2011 issue of Employment Law 360.

High school and college students often are willing to work for little or no pay during the summer months to bolster their resumes. Businesses see this as a good opportunity to get some extra help around the office. However, private sector, "for-profit" employers need to be aware that they are required to pay at least

The United States Department of Labor has just announced that it is raising fines for employers that illegally employ child workers. Under its new, tougher penalty structure, employers who illegally employ minors will face penalties of up to $11,000 per worker for each violation. When children work, the work must be age appropriate, safe and