As of today, November 1, 2022, the New York City pay transparency law goes into effect. As we previously reported here, the law requires covered employers to disclose minimum and maximum salary information in job postings, promotions, and transfer opportunities.  The law has already been amended once pursuant to Int. 134-A, which was signed by Mayor Eric Adams on May 12, 2022 (see our summary of those amendments here), and employers should stay up-to-date with any new guidance from the New York City Commission on Human Rights (the “Commission”).  The Commission last issued guidance on May 12, 2022.

New York State employers should also be aware of pay transparency legislation, S. 9427, which has been passed by the State legislature but has not yet been signed by Governor Kathy Hochul. The bill is currently under consideration by Governor Hochul, and, if enacted, will take effect 270 days after it is signed into law. We will provide additional updates if this legislation is passed.